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    Offering certified VA Service Officers referrals
    from seniors who served our nation.

The Senior Team's

VAB Club Membership
Benefits And Services

Your Senior Team markets your business to generate qualified referrals from senior veterans and Proferrals come from other professionals with senior veteran clients.

You control the information and content we market and present. You set up members under your Company and a Dashboard is provided to manage their profile and business.

Members are qualified to receive referrals in the platform from veteran seniors requesting to connect with you. You get an email and Dashboard notification that you accept to receive their personal and contact information.

The benefit of being in the platform is the recognition of other professionals and specialists in the supply chain serving seniors of your services and the ability to refer their clients to you. The Club rewards members who refer and reciprocate.

Member's Dashboards offer tools to filter and compile reports and analytics from the data it mines and collects, as well as activity it tracks. This data specifically is only available to the responsible parties, but is generally available to all members to define markets, activity, and results.

Veteran Assistance

All members are registered and certified by the Veterans Affairs Administration.

Free Consultation

Members agree to provide an initial free consultation for all those referred.

Referrals & Proferrals

Members treat referred seniors and families with integrity and reciprocate professionals.

Data & Analytics

The power of the platform is its technology to gain knowledge. We pass it on to our members.


A Company Membership may include its entire sales and marketing staff, with an easy setup.

Each Sale and Marketing representative can receive their own password-protected Dashboard under the Company account for referrals and data for their territory.

The Company from its Dashboard has access to each of its staff’s Dashboard individually and as a group.

The Dashboard enables members to submit and manage content, receive, and track referrals, send, and receive status updates, generate reports, submit, and access articles, blogs, and media.

The Dashboard empowers your sales, professional networking, market communications, prequalify referrals, and offer next step solutions to clients through your access to the platform.

Member Dashboards include access to the blog and blogging, posting, and accessing reports, articles, and white papers, attending forums, bulletin boards, podcasts, and IM across the platform.

Charter Membership Is Free

As a member you have access and are part of this network of professionals and specialists serving seniors

VA Benefits Specialist Club is part of Your Senior Team, and is committed to offering seniors, families and businesses, the power to learn, qualify, and connect with professionals for the purpose of freely securing one's lifestyle, healthcare, and wealth in retirement and while aging.
  Empowering seniors to live life better.

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